Sunday, June 27

Couple of Things I'm Waiting On.....

Before I took a vow to not purchase anymore hair products until I absolutely need them, I purchased a few things online. Of course I won't be able to use any of them until I take my braids out, but now I have something to look forward to when I do. :-)

Satin Pillow Rollers:
I bought some Satin Pillow Rollers, which I feel like I need. See, I want to do more braid-outs and actually wear them down and for them to look good with a nice curl on the bottom, I will need to apply rollers. I usually braid my hair at night, so pillow rollers are perfect for me because I can wake up in the AM, take them out, and hopefully my hair will look good. Of course I got satin because  they will help me retain moisture more.

Henna and Indigo:

I'm sure I said this before, but I like to think of more natural ways to do things with my hair. Now, I'm on a mission to thicken up my hair and I heard Henna makes your hair so much stronger. It also adds a reddish tint to your hair if after mixing it, you let it it sit for a while to let the color deposits out. I plan to mix the Henna with a moisturizing conditioner and some oil and let that mix sit for like a half hour. Then I will apply the Indigo which will turn my hair jet black. By using these two, I will have stronger and my favorite jet black hair with out having to get a color rinse. I will do this treatment 2 weeks before my next touch up then 1 week after. I read really good reviews about these two and the only caution I keep hearing is to make sure you do a  moisturizing deep condition treatment after because the henna can be a little drying.
I will of course give my opinion after I try it out.

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