Wednesday, June 16

Hot Mess!

I'm almost 12 weeks post relaxer and my hair looks an absolute hot mess, so back to braids I go! I'm trying not to manipulate my hair too much right now, so I'm just pinning it up. I will be braiding my hair again next weekend. Let's see if I can make it past 3 weeks this time around.

Three things that really worked for me the last time around were:

  • Soaking the Kanekalon hair in apple cider vinegar and water- My hair did not itch once! Crazy, right? This works! I only let it soak for like 5 minutes while others suggest 15.
  • Mild Protein Treatment Day before Braids- I believe this helped keep my hair strong while in braids.
  • Spraying Hair with Braid Spray twice a day- My hair was so moisturized when I took the braids out and I had barely any breakage!
Check back for braid pics once complete.

Oh yeah...guess what I gave up?


I stopped drinking soda about 5 years ago and now I will no longer drink juice except in the AM.
I mix one of my vitamins, MSM, with Orange Juice(for the vitamin C) every morning. So, I will continue to do that. But for meals and during the day...I am only drinking water!
Let's see if I can stick with this


  1. Does the acid in juice cause any problems with the hair? (Im a natural diva, just haven't done all the research I needed to) lol

    1. Hey!
      Not that I'm aware of. Water is just better for us in general.
      If you are referring to the ACV, it's best to
      Dilute it with water before applying to hair.


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