Thursday, June 17

My Nails

I cut my nails down to the base(?) about a month ago before I braided my hair and look where they are now. They always grew pretty fast, but not this fast. Mind you, I had them cut down a little when I got them done a couple weeks ago.

                                                Now if only my hair can grow this fast!


  1. Wow, those are some nice nails!

  2. How u got them to grow that long. This is Queen bee.

  3. @Anonymous 1:26pm- Thank you!

    @ Queen Bee- I started taking a vitamin called Biotin @ 1,000 MCG. I believe this helped grow my nails longer and faster. If you want the same results, I suggest taking Biotin but you will also need to take a vitamin Called B-Complex(just one) along side with it.
    These both can be found at any CVS, Walgreens, Walmart..or any pharmacy. These both also help with hair growth.


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