Sunday, June 20

Yeah Right!

I was at my parents house today because of Fathers Day and my mother and I were talking about hair. Now, my mom has almost bra-strap length(it was a lot longer but she had a trim), thick, strong healthy hair(she's a 4b with thick strands). Well, she said that I had the same hair as her. Then in my head, I was like, "YEAH, RIGHT!" But then I got to thinking about when I was a child, I did have that thick long hair too. I had my first relaxer when I was like 11 I think and it all went down hill from there....haha. But I'm on the right path of gaining my thickness and length back. Just wait and see. I wish I stopped going to the salon last year when I started really taking care of my hair. Oh well, this can kind of be a new starting point I guess.

haha candid shots at my brothers college graduation(Congrats Phil!)..

This is 1 week post relaxer after a very big trim (about 2 inches)
She moisturizes and seals daily
Wash/deep Condition bi-weekly
relaxes every 3-4 months..sometimes longer
Hair is always pinned up or in braids except for special occasions
Wraps her hair every night
That's about it


  1. Oooh, her hair is pretty! Looks like mama has a solid reggie too!!! lol

  2. lol, I know right! I should have been following her regimen all along.


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