Friday, June 18

Pinned back Braid-out

Now, I told ya'll my hair has been looking a hot mess since I took my braids out. Surprisingly, yesterday some of my co-workers complimented my hair, so I want to show you how it looked. I'm not doing any tight buns or anything because as said before, I do not want to manipulate my hair too much. I did a braid-out and clipped my hair up in the back.I finger combed the braid-out which is why the curls don't look defined at all.

Here you go....

As u can see I don't wear any make-up what-so-ever. So don't mind the pics. haha
Oh yeah...Still going strong with the no-juice thing. I drink about 2 liters of water a day! Hoping to see major skin benefits by doing this.


  1. Yay, comments!!!

    I like the braid-out pulled back look. I see no hot mess!

  2. haha

    Thanks, Love. Now if only I can get the braid-out look right! Thank you :-)

  3. This looks far from a hot mess. The hair is lookin nice.

  4. Thanks, GJ! I guess because I tried an actual braid-out and it didn't come out as expected, I was a little self conscious. After looking at the pics, I'm starting to like it too. haha :-)


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