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African American Hair Care Myths

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I saw this on and wanted to share this with my readers. Many people have misconceptions about black hair care. To me, knowledge is key. The same way I would study for school, research a new place to live, research new ways to improve my job the same way I research hair care. Don't believe everything you hear/read...even from me...research it and you will sure find out if it's the truth or not

Pink= Notes by Ms. D

Myths about black hair care

Myth # 1 - Black women can't grow long hair.

That is simply not true! All hair including African American hair grows on average of 1/2 inch per month.
I have seen soooo many women with my hair texture (4B/4C- Very kinky) with bra-strap or longer hair on forums such as, and even in my family(mom, aunts and cousins). It is possible for us to grow long hair! It just takes finding the right products, regimen and knowledge to get us there. While some people just "got it" and have had long hair all their life...for those who haven''s time to make some changes to get you to that point.

Myth # 2 - There are pills and greases that can grow hair.

Although there are many different vitamins & minerals that can add great benefits to the health of your hair "there is no such thing as a magic pill or potion for hair growth."
Vitamins help aid in growth, but just because its growing doesn't mean it's healthy. As said before it takes more then just taking vitamins and using a certain product to grow healthy hair..

Myth # 3 - cutting your hair every six weeks or keeping your ends trimmed makes your hair grow

Ladies, although this is what we've been taught it's not true. I personally put this to the test by not clipping my hair for a year and my hair grew!
If the ends are healthy and not keep a straight edge look only a minor dust(1/4 inch or less) is needed.

Myth # 4 - If you don't cut your hair or keep your ends trimmed they will split all the way up you hair shaft and break off.

Again, not true. In fact when hair splits it’s on an angle it can't split evenly all the way up to the scalp. I also tested this theory by not clipping my ends for a year and when I had the hair dresser clip my ends she stated" your ends look great, I don't see any split ends."
If you do have split ends though.....cut them! I don't see why people would hang on to them..there are ways to cut off the split ends with out losing much length..(I will do a post on that soon)
Also the poster probably didn't have split ends because she reduced heat usage, stayed in protective styles and moisturized her ends daily

Myths # 5 - Black women with good hair, curly or fine hair have a better chance at growing their hair longer than someone with bad hair.

There is no such thing as good hair/bad hair! All hair is good hair! Ladies how long are we going to perpetuate this stereotype handing it down generation after generation to our little girls?

Myth # 6 - Braids make your hair grow

Wrong! Braids won't make your hair grow and in many cases if braided to tight they can actually cause you damage. However, braids can be a good way to help protect your hair while you are trying to grow it out. As long as you know how to care for them while in them and what to do once you've taken them out.
Check out this post I made on this.

Myth # 7- Washing your hair to often will dry out our hair.

This is another myth that simply is not true. Water is moisture and that's exactly what our hair needs most. We just need to make sure we don't wash with harsh shampoos.
I always recommend using Sulfate Free Shampoos(check out my shampoo post). Or Conditioner Washes!

Myth # 8 - Hair is hair no matter what ethic make up you are.

For the most part that is correct the basic make up of hair is the same however African Americans have the driest hair and the lowest content of sulfur in the hair, which makes is prone to breakage. Therefore there are specific things that African American hair needs to thrive such a moisture and oils.

Myth # 9- Dirty Hair Grows (

This is another myth that arose out of the dryness of kinky hair. In an attempt to prevent the dryness we feel after shampooing, many of us stop washing our hair for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. Again, the scalp must be clear of debris for hair follicles to thrive and produce hair. Dirty hair is just that, dirty. And it doesn't grow any faster.
I can't emphasize this enough!

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