Wednesday, July 14

Roots Only Applicator Bottle

With all of this new-growth, the only way I can oil my scalp without too much manipulation is with the Roots Only Applicator Bottle. I could use a regular applicator bottle, but this covers more area in a short period of time. This was orignally made for a dye touch-up of the roots, hence the name "Roots Only"
I just put my oil(s) in the bottle and do exactly what the lady in the picture below is doing all over my head. I only have to squeeze a little and my whole scalp is lightly oiled. It now takes me about 3 minutes to oil my whole scalp.

These can be found at Walmart(I got mine there for about $3.50 I think back in April) or on


  1. This is perfect!

  2. That lady in the picture is me!! It's truly an amazing product. I can apply dye to just the roots of my hair in less than 5 mins so I have no doubt that it would be great for any kind of scalp treatment. I'm excited that you found Roots Only and am thankful that you've shared it. ♥


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