Saturday, July 31


As I have stated a few times before..I do not use any heat on my hair at all. No direct or in-direct heat, so I have to result in airdrying. One of the many complaints people have in regards to airdrying is that their hair or ends get frizzy. I don't have this issue. So here are a few ways I airdry to avoid that.
* I always use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and seal with a light oil after washing
* When my hair is 80% Dry I either do a few big single braids or twists with silk rollers on the ends
* or when my hair is about 70% dry, comb hair back, apply some more leave-in or moisturizer to hair, then tie a scarf around the front with the ends hanging out, then put hair in two big twists,apply oil to my ends then place a bonnet on my hair
You can also airdry with regular rollers or flexi-rods. It may take a little longer to dry..but it's worth a try.

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  1. do you mean you dont use heat at all for blow drying or you dont use heat AT ALL? If so howd you get your hair strait in this picture

  2. I rarely use heat on my hair unless I'm deep conditioning. The most I blow dry my hair is 4 times a year.
    In this pic, it's airdried. So, after washing, I apply my leave- and oil then tied a silk scarf over my head. The ends of my hair are left down, but the silk scarf is also covering the ends to help that area lie flat.
    Sometimes I'll do a large two strand and still have the straight silky look.


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