Friday, July 30

New Face of Luster's Pink Lotion

Letoya Lucket is now the new face of Luster's Pink Lotion and although I strongly dislike their products..hahaha..she's doing her thing so I wanted to pass this along.

On how she feels being the new face of Luster's Pink Hair Lotion...
"I’m so excited! Its funny because I don’t have a professional background in hair but my grandfather was the first person to ever put a relaxer in my hair and he still to this day has his own shop in Houston Texas! And then of course with Destinys child, Tina would do our hair or we had to do each other’s hair and put perm and relaxers in each others hair, so of course this made sense, it jus made sense! Luster came to me and approached me about being a partner in the company and to join forces so I was like absolutely! And they are like a family in itself so its just great! Its crazy because I used to use PINK hair lotion when I was younger! So all of this just made sense!"
You know they are dead wrong for doing each-others relaxers..LOL..Well unless they really, really, really, knew how to do it right.  Haven't seen any of their real hair, so I can't say.
Oh and I used to use Pink hair lotion when I was younger too. This was when I knew absolutely nothing about hair care and thought this product would work wonders. Needless to say; with all that mineral oil in that product, it did nothing but coat my hair, not moisturize!
Courtesy of TheYBF and Necole Bitchie

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