Tuesday, July 13

Exercising and Hair Growth

One of the main reasons why I am working out more is because I want to remain healthy for a looooong time. In other words, I want to live a long life(catch me when I'm 115 j/k). Another reason is because I am on a mission to get a 4 pack by my birthday(2.8) and get more defined legs. If I can get a body like Ciara, that would be an added bonus...haha..

Who knew that exercising also helped with Hair Growth!
Now that's my motivation to keep me in the gym!
There are many articles on why exercising is good for hair growth, you can do a quick search on google. But here's a little excerpt I got from beaty.makeuptips.com

People understand that exercise is more than just moving up and down and running a mile it does things for your heart and other parts of your body. More people are starting to find out the benefits it has for the scalp and growing hair. One of the things that has been learned for the longest time is usually the main reason behind no hair growth is because something is usually blocking it. Blood flow has been found to be one of those problems. Exercise helps release this block area and release new nutrients that could start new hair growth. This is why more people are turning to exercise to help their hair loss and finding some very good results with it.
 Combine the exercise with a good balance diet and you may just have a recipe for good long term hair growth. You never really know until you give it a try.


  1. Are you sure it helps with the hair And if it does how often should someone exercise per week?

  2. If exercising help why do you think Ciara still wears weave, Im sure she works out a whole lot or did at one point.

  3. @ Anonymous 3:01 pm- Yes, I'm about 99% sure it helps with hair growth. I have heard and read various reviews from people stating that their hair seemed to grow faster when excercising.
    I would say 3 times a week for an hour will do the trick.This is in terms of hair growth. Now how you take care of it is another story. Excercising alone doesn't make your hair long and beautiful, incorporating a regimen, using the right products and being healthy inside and out are factors as well.

    @ Anonymous 3:06pm- Just because someone wears a weave does not mean they have short hair. My mother for example wears weaves or braids and her hair is bra-strap length.
    I think Ciara wears weaves because of the maintenance aspect. Weaves are also a great protective style if taken care of properly


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