Monday, July 12

Regimen Revised

I have incorporated a few new things to my regimen which will help me during this long relaxer stretch. I am trying to go 5 months until my next relaxer, right now I am almost touching 4 months (15weeks post).

I also started working out(yay). I was doing it at home for a few weeks faithfully and now that I see I am committed to this, I got a membership to the gym and will be going there M-F. and every other Saturday.

Now that I work out, I have to co-wash my hair after every work-out to remove the sweat which can cause dryness to the hair.

So here's my Regimen:

Monday- Shampoo, Condition(moisture or 3 min mild protein reconstructer), Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar/Water, apply leav-ins, seal

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday-  Co-Wash, apply leav-in's, moisturize, seal,

Thursday- Co-Wash, Coffee or Black Tea Rinse, Deep Condition(Moisture), leave-ins, moisturize, seal

Sunday is my day of rest :-) - I will just moisturize and seal.

I will be bunning/ clipping my hair upMonday- Friday
Braid-outs or other Styles on Saturdays & Sundays
I always Airdry in braids with a satin roller on the ends
I only moisturize once a day now because I will be co-washing very often
I detangle my hair almost everyday when 80% airdried to keep my hair from matting, knotting, and being all tangled up. So far this has worked for me.
Henna once a month
Relax every 5-6 months (hopefully only twice a year now)
*Subject to change

Posts coming soon: How to take care of relaxed, roller-setted hair after/during working out
                                Benefit's of Co-washing
                                Hair Benefits of Working out
                                Henna Experience
                                Coffee Rinse Experience

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