Saturday, July 24

Scalp Massages

Remember the Vibrating Scalp Massager that I purchased online a lil' while ago?
See post here: Vibrating Scalp Massager

Well, it kind of died on me haha. I used to carry it in my purse, without a case or anything and use it on my way to work..or on my way home and now it no longer works :-(. Guess I got my monies worth. haha
Well now I'm going to massge my scalp kind of the old fashion way.

I use this now:

Product Features:
Stimulates the scalp
Creates the unltimate relaxing experience
Promotes hair growth
Fits in the plam of your hand
They sell this for like 89 Cents at CVS, Walgreens but I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply.
I massage my scalp probably every other day for about 5 minutes.
Reminder on the benefits:
Benefits-One of the most beneficial aspects of a scalp massage is that is will increase the circulation in the scalp area. This will help the hair follicles become receptive to the nutrients and oxygen they need for maximum health.

Effects-By increasing blood flow to the hair follicle, hair is less likely to go into the resting phase prematurely. After hair goes into the resting phase, it is shed so that new hair can begin to take its place. But if hair prematurely enters the resting phase, there could be an abundance of hair being shed at one time, which will give the appearance of thinning hair.

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