Monday, July 26

Relaxer Date

I finally set a date at which I will relax my hair. August 14th!
That will make me exactly 20 weeks(5 months) post relaxer!

A week before I relax...
  •  I will shampoo and do a protein treatment in my hair to make sure it is extra strong to endure all those chemicals. I will use ORS Hair Mayo mixed with an egg.
  • I will not be working out as often to avoid co-washing/manipulating my hair.
  • I will not be oiling my scalp a week before the relaxer. For anyone using sulfur based products for hair growth you should discontinue use a week before the relaxer as well.
  • I will basically be leaving my hair alone!

Now I need to figure out if I should self relax or go to the salon! There are pro's and con's in both....but I have a little time to think about this.


  1. If you do choose to self relax, there is a girl that's in the UK who is doing wonderful job of it. She's controlling damage and processing time and her hair looks very healthy. She uses a process she calls the half-half method. Check it out and see if it'll work for you


  2. Thank you! This post is old and I wish I had these links before I did self-relax! haha..I ended up severly underprocessing.
    And when I did it again, I had the help of my mom and sister. So it was basically the half/half method.

    Her hair is beautiful! I actually visited her blog in the past.
    Thanks for the links!!!!


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