Wednesday, August 11

I Relaxed My Hair!

I was so anxious to finally get a relaxer, that I did my touch-up last night.
I washed and did a protein treatment last Thursday night, so my hair was in the right condition to do so.. But, after I washed the relaxer out my hair....I realized I was extremely underprocessed. My new-growth felt/feels the same way it did last week! Sux big time. I was so scared that my hair would fall out..haha..that I washed the relaxer out too soon.

Here's what I did.

Parted my hair in 4 sections
Then I parted each section the same way I would do when relaxing and put those parts in 2 strand twists while gently finger detangling
Based my Scalp
Added Conditioner and a little oil to my relaxed ends(which were in twists)
Total time spent- 1 hour!

Relaxer Application
I started with the back sections but worked my way from the crown to the nape.
Untwisted each twist and applied relaxer to new-growth with applicator brush
Then I did the front the same way
Total time spent- 13 minutes

Smoothed the relaxer and let sit for 10 minutes- This was too short of a time...I definitely should have smoothed it in a little longer, but my scalp began to burn and I panicked and washed it out.

After rinsing the relaxer out I:
Did a Mild Protein Treatment- Joico K Pack Reconstructer- Kept in Hair for 5 minutes then washed out
Neutralized for about 10 minutes(I have a color indicator Neutralizer(Elasta QP) so that made it easy)
Deep Conditioned for 5 minutes with Lekair Cholesterol
Then one last Rinse with Roux Porosity Control

I didn't even bother to do a roller set, because I was so upset that my hair was underprocessed! I just airdryed. thing I was happy about is the amount of growth I had! I am like centermeters from Arm Pit Length!
I will be doing a corrective relaxer in about 6-8weeks, most likely at the Salon...I could do it sooner, but like I always say..the less Chemical Treatments the better! I will try and do a roller set Thursday Night and post Pics then.

Next Relaxer- October 15th

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