Tuesday, August 17

Cassie's New Hair Cut

Looks like Cassie changed her hair once again and I kinda like it. She's now sporting a brand new bob and I'm pretty sure her hair is still shaven on the right side, but in this pic it's hard to tell. She looks so much younger and innocent with this look!

I still like the dark hair wayyyy better on her...especially in this picture..half shaven and all!

courtesty of NecoleBitchie

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  1. I agree, the dark hair looks MUCH better. She's still pretty no matter what but the blonde hair makes her look very average.

  2. Hey- I came on over from 20sb!

    I like her with dark hair as well, doesn't she look like Jlo sometimes?

  3. Thanks for stopping by and being a new follower Tracey!
    I totally agree, she does sometimes look like Jlo..especially with the lighter hair.


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