Wednesday, August 18

What is a Corrective Relaxer?

I had a few questions on corrective relaxers, so I decided to do a quick post on it.
Have you ever had a relaxer and some or most parts of your hair is underprocessed?
If so, then a corrective relaxer is in need.

Important: A corrective relaxer should be done 6 weeks (or more if you would like) after the last relaxer application. No sooner than 6 weeks because that can cause damage to your hair and you will need new-growth to do a corrective relaxer.

During the 6 weeks that you have to deal with under-processed areas, you HAVE to up your moisture level and keep your hair very moisturized, if not, you will deal with excessive breakage.

How it's done: First, you would do your normal pre-relaxer and relaxer routine. At the time of the relaxer, you would apply the relaxer to your new-growth/roots only. Then during the smoothing process, you will pull/smooth the relaxer through the under-processed parts of your hair. By doing it that way, you will avoid over-processed hair.

*The key to a corrective relaxer is to relax your new-growth as usual and relax the underprocessed area towards the end of the relaxing process. You are basically picking up where you left off.  If you choose to do all at once you will need to apply oil and conditioner to the underprocessed area as well.

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