Tuesday, August 17

Henna Gloss

I have done a total of 3 Henna Gloss Treatments and didn't want to post about them until I felt like I received some of the benefits. I do feel like the Henna Gloss Treatments made my hair a little stronger which is the main reason why I did them, but it also gave my hair a reddish/brownish tint that I love!

                                                 Not sure if you can see it in this picture

So, here's a little more info on Henna:

What is Henna- Henna is an all-natural, safe hair dye that permanently colors hair without harsh chemicals. Body art quality henna is recommended over store-bought boxes of pre-mixed hennas because it is more pure, and can be safely used even on hair that has been recently bleached or synthetically dyed. Mixing body art quality henna and applying it to your hair will yield vibrant, shiny, soft, healthy-looking results

What is a Henna Gloss: A Henna Gloss is a Mild Henna Treatment(A full Henna Treatment uses about 100G of Henna or more basically a whole box mixed with water or tea,oils or so forth) that gives your hair deep conditioning benefits as well as a subtle color release. Doing a Henna Gloss will leave your hair soft and silky, but strong and healthy at the same time.

Why is Henna Good for the Hair- Henna is said to add extra conditioning benefits to the hair and also coats the hair to make it stronger and thicker. It is said to also loosen our tight curls. A lot of Naturals do Henna or Henna Gloss treatments!

Where Can Henna Be Purchased- I purchased mine (Reshma Henna) from http://ayurnaturalbeauty.ecrater.com/, but it can also be purchased at your local Indian Grocery Store

How I do a Henna Gloss:
3 Table Spoons of Reshma Henna
1.5 Cups of Moisturizing Conditioner (Treseme Moisture Rich Vitamin E Conditioner)
1 Table Spoon of Coconut Oil
1 Cap Full of Apple Cider Vinegar

Let it sit overnight

Next day:
Apply to hair like I would a full relaxer, in sections from root to tip. (this can be messy so place towels on the floor)
Place a Plastic Cap over my head
Let sit in my hair for 2 hours
Rinse Out
Deep Condition for a half Hour (this is important because sometimes Henna can make hair dry or hard at first)
Rinse out
Then add leave-ins as usual

More Info on Henna...Must Reads!


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