Tuesday, September 7

Ameriie's Reason for Going Blonde

I first saw that Ameriie went blonde on Hair-i-Am and was somewhat indifferent about it. I thought she looked better with darker hair, but still thought she looked beautiful none-the-less. Then I read on Necole Bitchie, why she decided to go blonde...so here you go..

Via- Rapup.com -I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it. One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!

I guess that's a good reason..it's always good to try new things..
I saw comments saying she looked like Beyonce and Kourtney Kardashian...and I can def see the resemblance to Kourtney.


  1. Not my favorite look on her. I'm not saying you have to be only a certain skin color to go blonde, but I just think she should have thought twice before doing it...

  2. I'm just not feeling the blonde on her AT ALL. Not everyone is meant to be blonde and she's a perfect example of that.

  3. @ Miss K- lol. That seems to be the general consensus. If I were her, I would have just tried out a blonde wig or weave.

  4. She looks just like Beyonce in this pic.
    - Cici

  5. If she would have chosen a color that was more similar to the pictures that you posted and not so "Marilyn Monroe" then I think it would have looked better... either way, if she likes it, I love it!!

    PS: thanks for the shout-out!! =)

  6. @ Love- I agree! Looks like they went a little overboard with the bleach..but like u said..(in my own words)whatever floats her boat.

    No problem! Thanks for your continued support! :-)


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