Friday, September 10

Knots,Tangles and Minor Breakage , Oh My!

Isn't my title Corny..haha! But in all seriousness, I was experiencing some serious knots and tangles in my hair which led to minor(a few hairs here and there) breakage which I did not like at all so I was in serious repair mode last night.

Why the knots and tangles?- As said in previous posts, my hair was underprocessed when relaxed, so now instead of being a 4b(very course, kinky hair) my roots are now like a 4a(less course but still kinky hair). I have about 2 inches of 4a hair and still some 4B hair so it's kind of like I'm still stretching. My newgrowth/underprocessed hair keeps sticking together and my shedded hairs are wrapping around the newgrowth instead of free falling
Side Note-for anyone self-relaxing for the first time, after doing extensive research, always have someone there to assist you.
Another Side Note- I will no longer self-relax, going to my old stylist for now on.

Why the Minor Breakage?- I am having minor breakage because I got lazy with how I airdryed my hair. Instead of drying in several braids or twists, I would dry my hair in one big low braid then tie a scarf over my head causing my newgrowth to matte together even more. Then when I would finger comb my hair the next day,  I would see 5-10 broken hairs, even if my newgrowth and hair was well moisturized.

How I got this issue Under-Control and Tips for those who have the same issues

I deep conditioned with a moisturizing Deep Conditoner on Dry Hair for about 30 minutes without heat then 15 minutes under the dryer- I put the deep conditioner in my hair in sections and lightly finger detangled while doing so

Then I shampooed my hair

Then Conditioned my hair, but left the conditioner on for 5 minutes before washing off

Results where very soft hair!

Next Steps

Sprayed Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-in all through my hair then let my hair airdry for about 15 minutes

While still  a little damp- I applyed Hawaiian Silky 14 n 1 All through-out my hair gently finger combed then sealed with Coconut Oil

When 95% Dry

I sectioned my hair in small-medium sections and applied 2 strand twists all over my head. But applied more moisturizer to my newgrowth to keep it soft. By doing the twists, I stretched out my new-growth which minimized/stopped any tangling and knots

* I did not detangle with a comb or detangler at all, only my fingers because today I will be braiding my hair and I can do that then. If I wasn't braiding my hair, I would detangle using a wide tooth comb and detangler starting from the bottom working my way to the roots. *
This AM
I applied very little moisturizer to my ends and a little more to the roots then untwisted the twists while gently separating my roots with my fingers. My hair was so soft and my roots and hair were not tangled and had no knots! I was soo relieved! But I am happy to give my hair a break in braids!

Hope this helps anyone that has the same issue I did!

Tips when dealing with tangles-
Use a Detangler(I use Mane n Tale, but Silkens Child I heard is a great one too)
Be gentle and patient
Start from the bottom and work your way to the top

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  1. I'm having this exact same problem right now. I didn't know what to do to keep my hair from matting and tangling. I'm going to try this technique and see how it works for me.


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