Thursday, October 7

Back to Black- Amla Powder

If you recall, in an attempt to thicken my hair, I was doing Henna Glosses. I did see my hair get a little thicker, but it also gave my hair a reddish/auburn tint. It was actually very noticable to me and others began to compliment on it as well. But....I became sick of the color and wanted my black hair I did some research on products that can naturally turn hair darker and help with growth and came across Amla Powder. Lucklily I live near an Indian Grocery store and found Amla Powder for about $2.50, so I decided to give it a try last night.
As it gets colder, I become soooo lazy with my hair, so I wanted to deep condition and do the Alma Treatment at the Same time without having to go into the shower more than once.

Here was my mix:

3 Table Spoons of Lustrasilk Cholestorol
a little less then half the box Amla Powder
1 Table Spoon of Coconut Oil
Enough hot water to make a creamy mixture

Mixed it up then applied to dry hair in sections
Kept on for about an hour
Washed out with diluted shampoo
then did a couple of Conditioner washes
Applied Leave-ins and did a braid out once my hair was about 80% dry....

So here's my hair with the reddish tint

And here's my hair after using Amla Powder

See below for Benefits of Amla Powder.
Although, I made a it said that its more effective used alone with just water and the powder. But I prefer a mix..afraid of my hair drying.

Hesh Amla Powder is a natural astringent and skin toner that works on both hair and skin. In botanical terms it is known as Emblic Myrobalan. The paste of this powder helps promote black and luxuriant hair. Even as it controls hair loss, it stimulates roots and promotes hair growth. This apart, it prevents scalp infection and controls premature greying of hair. When used on skin, the paste of this powder brightens the complexion and removes pimples and grime.

Briefly, 'Hesh Amla Powder' has the following advantages:

- Promotes hair growth
- Controls hair loss
- Cures scalp infection
- Controls greying of hair
- Removes pimple and grime


  1. Hi,

    I like the colour of your hair in the first pic : )

  2. Your hair did come out darker, it look drier but I'm sure you can easily correct that. I glad you showed the results because I wasn't sure it could actually darken hair. I think I will go ahead and try it now. Thanks for posting.

  3. @ Anonymous- You know what, I noticed it looked drier too!
    It does darken hair, but in sunlight, I could still see tints of red from the henna.
    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hi Ms. D. thank you for the recipe, I once tried amla mixed it with water and applied it to a small section of my hair, it was so hard I thought my hair was gonna break so I immediately rinsed it off and perform serious cpr on the super dry section. lol. but thanks to your recipe, Im gonna give it one more go. cant wait... Im truly inspired.

    1. Hi Nyah SoYoung! No problem. lol @ the cpr! That's too bad your hair came out dry. Even if you don't use conditioner, a table spoon of oil will help curb the dryness.
      Let me know how it goes!!!

  5. I got my 1st grey hair so am definitely going to try amla. Thank you soo much.

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  7. i did used it and at that time i didnt need to darken my hair but over the time period my hair got darked than before.. to give it more shine use sekha kai powder with it.. and it is available same brand box just look for sikha kai.. its a natural conditioner for hair..

  8. I love amla powder. The secret when applying it is to keep it simple. The powder and hit water is all u need. I apply it to my scalp and whatever I can in the strands then I clean the bowl with my ends. I leave for one hr. I rinse our then co wash only no shampoo necessary and my hair loves it.

    1. Yes! I use it by itself now too. Thanks for the info!

  9. No, it faded away after a few weeks. I would suggest Henna and Indigo for permanent black hair.

  10. Replies
    1. You're welcome!

      Here's a post I did on Henna and Indigo if you're interested.


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