Tuesday, October 5

On the Search for the Perfect Flat Iron

I don't flat iron my hair much, but I decided that I will do so in December for my final length check. I haven't used any direct heat on my hair since April and since then I have only had one roller set.
I'm hoping I can get away from relaxing by using a flat iron that is good enough to straighten my new-growth without causing any heat damage.
I may chicken out though and do a roller-set and saran wrap, but for now I want a flat iron.

So...how do I determine what is the best flat iron?
Easy: Reviews..Reviews..Reviews
I do a search on google typing in "Best Flat Iron longhaircareforum" and I come up with various reviews from the Long Hair Care Forum and Black Hair Media..then I narrow down my search.

The Top 4 Are:

FHI (prices for ranging from $69- $100)

Farouk CHI (Prices ranging from $89- $120)

SEDU (Prices Ranging from $95.99- $139.00)

Solia (Prices ranging from $84.99- $89.99)

Now that I have narrowed down my search..and as you can see these aren't cheap..... I will search various reviews on each, remembering the Pro's and Con's then I will narrow my search even further. If anyone has tried any of these flat irons or have any other recommendations let me know!


  1. Hey Ms. D,

    Just be super careful about using a flat iron as it can damage your hair.

    Sometimes the best solution is learning to love and work with what you have...

    Katie for Ouidad

  2. @ Katie

    Yes, I agree! Flat Ironing can be very damaging if done excessively and not taking proper precautions.
    That will be my next post :-)

    Thanks for commenting :-D

  3. @Ms. D-

    I love commenting on great blogs! Keep up the great posts.

    Also, if you're looking for more information about straightening, we have a great post on our blog about how to straighten up (if you must) without using a flat iron.

    Katie for Ouidad

  4. Oops, and I forgot to give you the URL:


    Katie for Ouidad


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