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Natural Ways to Color Hair

I posted this back in 2010, but added some more mixes and decided to re-post.
Many of you are familiar with these, but I posted for those that aren't.
Summer is also the perfect time to try these out!

Because we all know dyes/bleach can cause damage to the hair, especially if you are are a few ways to naturally lighten/color your hair. These may take a few applications to get a noticeable color.

*Please note that these can get messy. Take precaution by using gloves, wearing older clothes, placing Vaseline around your forehead,ears or nape area and safe guarding your floor.


If you have dark brown or black hair, cinnamon will give your hair a reddish/brownish tint.

  • Make sure hair is to use on towel dried hair
  • Mix Cinnamon Powder and Conditioner in a bowl-There isn't an exact amount of powder you should add, but I would say at least 2-3 table spoons. The mixture should be enough to coat hair from root to tips.
  • Apply mixture to Hair in sections from root to tip
  • Wrap Hair with Saran Wrap or a Plastic Cap
  • Let sit for at least 4-6 hours, best to leave in overnight
  • Wash out with Shampoo and follow normal wash day routine.

Honey & Cinnamon
If you have dark hair, this will give a lighter brown highlight to your hair.
  • Make Sure hair is damp- Best to use on Towel dried hair
  • Mix 3/4 cup of honey, 2 table spoons of Cinnamon with 1.5 cups of conditioner
  • Apply to hair in sections, root to tip
  • Wrap Hair with Saran Wrap or a Plastic Cap
  • Let sit for 8 hours
  • Wash out

If you have lighter hair, this will turn your hair a darker brown color. If you have jet black hair, this will give your hair dark brown highlights.
Use the darkest roast possible

  • Brew about 2-3 cups of coffee first
  • After washing hair, pour the brewed coffee all through your hair.
  • Cover hair with a plastic cap
  • Let sit for 2 hours
  • Rinse out
  • Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment because this may be drying to the hair or after pouring the coffee on hair, put some deep conditioner on top of it and let sit, then wash out as norma

Beet and Carrot Juice
If you have dark hair, this will give you a maroon tint. Some even resulted with red hair.
  • Mix a half cup of beet juice and carrot juice together.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair in sections.
  • Cover with a Clear Plastic Cap and leave on hair for up to 1 hour either under the dryer or in the sun. Preferably in the sun.
  • Rinse out
    If hair is dry, follow up with conditioner

Henna will give your hair a reddish tint most visible in the sun after 1-2 application, but after a various applications, may be more visible in general.
*Make sure you use 100% BAQ Henna
Please visit my older post on this as there are TONS of ways to mix this.
Henna Gloss

Henna and Indigo
This will make your hair Jet Black. Check out my detailed posts on how mixed and applied it.

Dyed my hair black with Henna and Indigo

How I Henna and Indigo

Here are a few sites on Henna

ETA: Soon, I will be doing an experiment with honey. I will place honey on the front middle portion of my hair and chill in the sun for a few hours. I am hoping that will lighten the front portion of my hair significantly. Then I will do a bright red rinse on top of that. I will def post results(whether good or bad) once complete.


  1. Ooh... I might try the honey and cinnamon one!!! Great post, as always!!

  2. If you do, be sure to post pics. Thanks!!! :-D

  3. Very interesting post!!! I had no idea you could color hair with cinnamon, that is so cool :)

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