Friday, June 29

HOTD: Braid n Curl - Relaxed Hair Transitioning to Natural Hair

Happy Friday!!! 
I had my hair in twists all week. I did them larger because I wanted the option of removing them easily to wear my hair loose for the weekend. 
So, last night I took my twists out, braided my hair in about 12 braids then rolled the braids all the way up to my scalp. 
My hair looks super short..but I need to get used to this kind of shrinkage, right?
Once again, I did not separate or fluff out. As the day proceeds, my hair get's bigger and the curls will probably drop a I will just let her do her thang! 

These are the results: 

This is my End of the Day Hair

Tomorrow is supposed to be really hot. Not sure if I will wear my hair out again or do an updo. 


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