Wednesday, November 24

8 Weeks Down...8 to Go

I decided to stretch my relaxer to 16 weeks. Currently, I am 8 weeks post relaxer and my new-growth is very manageable, so I'm like heeey..I can go another 8 weeks. This leaves me relaxing my hair around January 18th.
I told myself that I would not relax my hair no more then 4 times a year, so if I were to relax in December which I originally decided, I would be relaxing 5 times this year. Which is the number one reason I plan on stretching to 16 weeks. Also, I realize my hair is the most healthiest when I stretch to at least 16 weeks.

My Hair Yesterday to show some of my newgrowth

Last night I did a mild protein treatment, followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment..let my hair airdry for an hour..sectioned my hair..applied heat protectant to each section..then Blow Dryed my hair with Medium heat.

I used this Andis Ionic Blow Dryer which I purchased from Target for $20.00 and used the wide tooth comb attachment.

This was my first time in 7.5 months blowdrying my hair. I mainly blow dryed because halfway through parts of my hair are texlaxed I wanted to get those areas straight so I can dust my hair evenly, which I dusted about a quarter of an inch. My hair felt a little dry after blow-drying, so I'll make sure if I continue to do so..I will keep it at a once a month maximum kind of thing just to dust my ends evenly.


  1. Any pics with the straight hair?

  2. Unfortunately, I do not. I did it really late and it didn't look all that great anyway. I will def. take pics the next time I straighten it though.


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