Saturday, November 27

5 Reasons Why I Stretch my Relaxer

1.) It's healthier for my scalp - No matter how mild the
relaxer is and how much I base my scalp, my scalp always ends up burning. It may not be a serious burn where my scalp is peeling or what-not, but it's enough to make me want to wait a little while until my next touch-up.

2.) I am able to manage my two textures - Many people relax at 6 or 8 weeks because either they are conditioned to or they see tons of breakage and shedding if they wait any longer. For me, I am able to keep my newgrowth moisturized to avoid breakage, my relaxed ends strong because of protein and shedding is to a minimum because of my Aloe Vera Spritz. I also used to use braids as a way to assist me in stretching for a month on and off, but this stretch I wont be doing so.

3.) I Love the Surprise Ending- When you stretch for longer than 8 weeks, you will most likely accumulate more than an inch of growth. During the stretch if your not straightening your hair, you will not know the true length until you relax. My shrinkage from my new growth is crazy and I rarely straighten my hair, so when I relax I see the length I gained which is a pleasant surprise.

4.) My Hair Gains a Little Thickness- When I used to relax 8 weeks or sooner, my hair was thin because of overlapping. Now that I wait a while, I have enough new-growth to avoid overlapping. I am able to only relax my new-growth and not previously relaxed hair.

5.) Saves me Money- I'm trying to be a complete do-it-yourselfer, but I was going to a salon for my touch-ups. Ya'll know those are one of the most expensive services. By stretching a relaxer, instead of paying $70-$1**? Every 8 weeks, I would spend that amount every 12-16 weeks.

I am not ready to take the natural hair plunge, so for the time being I'm more comfortable stretching my relaxers and receiving less chemical treatments yearly.
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
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  1. Great post :) just curious... What do you put in your aloe vera spritz?

    1. Thank you!

      80% Aloe Vera Juice
      10% Glycerin
      7% Safflower Oil
      3% Essential Oils (Peppermint or Eucalyptus)


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