Tuesday, November 30

Back to Buns

I had my hair out yesterday and most of last week due to the Holiday season. I rarely have my hair out, so I doubt any damage was caused, but I am back to buns for the remainder of the week.

I NEED to come up with more creative protective styles with my own hair which is a goal for 2011. But for now, I am doing the regular boring bun.

Why Are Buns or Protective Styles Important- If you have Shoulder Length or longer hair and are trying to grow your hair longer...Not only do you need to keep your ends moisturized, but you also need to keep the ends protected/tucked in. When hair is loose, it rubs against clothing which can cause unwanted split ends and it's also prone to break off easily.

                                             Bun Made with just 2 bobby pins, nothing else

Oh and now I know another reason why I don't wear make-up like that...it adds more time for me to get ready in the morning! So, I'm going to experiment more on the weekends and stick with what I know best and have learned during the work week.

Also, the jet black hair I had from the Henna and Indigo is fading, could be because I Henna-ed only again on Saturday..haha..I will do a full Henna and Indigo treatment before the end of the year.


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