Monday, November 8

Promoting Products

I watched a few videos on You Tube where the ladies are against promoting hair products for profit or will not mention which products they use because they feel like products do not grow hair. I actually agree with this for the most part. So many woman are on a quest to grow their hair long, that whenever they see or hear a product review, they run out trying the product when they were doing perfectly fine with out it.

I agree that products do NOT grow hair. They may help in retention and some may promote a little accelerated hair growth, but for the most part hair is going to grow regardless.

Here's the deal, for healthy hair, you ONLY need one of each(this is for the do-it yourselfers):

1 Shampoo
1 Conditioner
1 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
1 Mild(or Hard depending on the damage of your hair) Protein Deep Conditioner
1 Leave-in Conditioner
1 Moisturizer
1 Oil
1 Wide Tooth Comb
1 Satin or Silk Scarf
For porosity- To avoid purchasing porosity control or doing an ACV rinse, just do a cold water rinse as the last rinse
If you use heat you will also need 1 Heat Protectant

All of that other stuff is extra. If you have found one of each of the above that is working for you..then stick with it. If you feel like you need improvement and something is not working for you...then you should read up, research and switch it up. Just don't go running to buy everything you see reviewed especially if the person reviewing does NOT have the same hair type as you.
Like really, most of these woman were able to grow their hair long without the use of the product they just reviewed.

PS: I do speak about products on my blog, not to have people buy them, but to show and speak about what works for me hoping to help those with issues.I also speak about them to keep track of what I am using. I do not get paid to speak about any products, nor do I want/need to.


  1. Great post!! So many times, people DO only want a quick fix to grow their hair long... but I will say that I'm a PJ and I LOVE reading what works for other people!!!

  2. I agree with you that products do not grow hair, good hair practices do and if more people research their products before they buy, I think they would think twice before jumping on bandwagons. I'm guilty of being a product junkie but now I tend to research more about before I buy.

    I still like to read and watch product reviews

  3. @ Love & Shay- Thank you both for your input. :-)
    And I'm not going to lie to ya'll..I too read and watch reviews at times!


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