Monday, November 8

Dyed My Hair Black with Henna and Indigo

Guess how I spent my Friday night and Saturday Morning? Well, I guess the title says it all...but I dyed my hair black with Henna and Indigo.
It was a looong process, but so worth it. I was sick of the my brown/reddish hair that the Henna Glosses gave me and wanted my hair black again. I didn't want to do a rinse because those wash out after a few washes and I definitely didn't want to do another chemical application with a permanent dye, so the next best thing was Henna and Indigo.

I did a full Henna Treatment first opposed to a Henna Gloss so:
  • I mixed about 100G of Henna Powder with about a table spoon of Castor Oil, tea spoon of Coconut Oil and water- Creating a Yogurt Consistency (I just slowly add water, no measurements, until I get the mix thick but not too thick. The key is to make sure it's not runny and easy to apply.)
  • I didn't let it sit, I applied it to my hair immediately, section by section
  • Covered my hair with a plastic conditioning cap, then a plastic bag for added protection, then my scarf
  • I let it stay in my hair overnight.There was no dripping, thank goodness. I had the Henna in my Hair for about 12 hours although you really only need to leave it in for 2-3 hours.
Then I rinsed it out in my sink, the next morning with just water. There was still a little henna left in my hair after rinsing it but that doesn't matter. The indigo needs to cling to something which is why it's best to do a Henna treatment before applying Indigo. If not, you will end up with Green hair.

  • I mixed 100G of Indigo, a teaspoon of salt(for better dye release) and slowly added water creating a yogurt consistency
  • Put my gloves on(didn't use it for the Henna, but should have)
  • Applied to my hair immediately in sections.(you HAVE to apply it right away and can't let it sit for no more than 15 minutes because once mixed, the dye releases and you want the dye to release on your hair)
  • Covered hair with a plastic cap, plastic bag, then scarf
  • Let it sit in my hair for exactly 2 hours
  • Rinsed out with water in my sink(best to do in sink unless you want a stained shower)
  • Applied a Moisturizing Deep Conditioner and let that sit in my hair for 2 hours
  • Then rinsed out
My Hair feels great, it's jet black(which I love), it's permanent and I did it the all natural way.
They say that indigo may fade away a little, but for the most part it's permanent. Also beware of using a chemical dye before or after doing Henna and may end up with weird looking Greenish Hair.
I read that you should wait a few days before actually shampooing the hair, so I will continue on with my current regimen this weekend. I shampoo weekly, so missing one weekend isn't going to kill me.

Although this is a long process, it's worth it.  I want to Henna at least one more time before the end of the year, so I will be doing a Henna and Indigo treatment sometime in December.

Before the Henna and Indigo:

After: My hair is a little damp in this pic

My Hair Air dried- I was going to blow dry, but decided against it because I am on a personal no-heat challenge until the end of the year


  1. Your hair looks so shiny!!!! I love it... I just got on the cassia train b/c I'm not sure I want to permanently change my hair color but it looks so good!!

  2. Thanks, Love! I forgot about Cassia! Now that my hair is black, I may just try that instead of having to do the whole two step process(henna & Indigo) over and over again to receive the Henna benefits. Thanks for bringing that up!!! :-)

  3. Gorgeous! I use indigo to get my hair black because I'm allergic to the chem dyes. However, I do get nauseated from the smell of the indigo, I left it in my hair for two hours today, rinsed it out, now I feel super sick. Has this ever happened to you?

    1. Thank you!
      That has not happened to me, but I have heard that issue with others.
      See this link

      Maybe try leaving it in for a shorter amount of time.
      If I find any ways to avoid nausea, I will do a post.

    2. Hey, thanks for the link! Yeah, I'm feeling better could also be from the fact that strong smells get to me now ever since my pregnancy with my daughter. I just hope it's not anything serious like an allergy or what not but I doubt it. Thanks for the reply! :)

    3. You're welcome!
      Glad to know you're feeling better. I really hope it's not an allergic reaction because Indigo seems to be a much healthier way to dye hair than commercial dyes.
      As said before, I will do some research and do a post if I learn anything.
      My suggestions would be:
      Keep it in for a shorter amount of time.
      Maybe add a drop or 2 of essential oils to your mix to help with the smell.
      Wash in the shower, standing up (may be a pain to clean the shower though)


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