Tuesday, November 2

Weekly Protein & My Winter Regimen

...well light protein.

So, I tweaked my regimen a little and for the last two weeks I have been doing light protein treatments that worked out really well. So for this winter, to make sure my hair is in tip top shape, I will be adding weekly light protein treatments to my regimen.

I will be using the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructer. My hair always feels strong, yet soft after washing this out, but to balance everything out I do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment after.

I live in New England, so you can just imagine how my winters are. It does get really cold out here and I do have to switch up my regimen/products to accommodate. In the summer I was doing a lot of co-washes, which is great for the moisture and I needed to do so after my work-outs, so that's one part of my regimen that will stay consistent except I wont be doing it as often.  I always moisturize my hair daily, but in the summer I used Glycerin based products...for the winter, I will needed a heavier/oil based moisturizer instead. I am also using Shea Butter mixed with Coconut Oil to seal in moisture because it's heavier and will hold me down in the winter months.
I will still Airdry, but I will always make sure my hair is dry before going to sleep and leaving the house.

To be honest with you, my regimen isn't changing that much, but here it is:

Once a week: Usually Sundays
Prepoo Saturday Night- Conditioner mixed with Hemp Seed Oil
Shampoo- Sulfate Free Shampoo
Protein Treatment- Leave on for 5 Minutes then Rinse
Moisturizing Deep Conditioning Treatment- Leave on for 1-3 hours without heat(I may sit under the dryer from time to time for an hour)
Leave-ins, Detangle Hair(after 6-8 weeks post I will detangle when I prepoo then wash in braids) and Airdry
Once a Month- Add in a Porosity Control or ACV rinse

1-3 times a week
Co-wash with Moisturizing and Volumizing Conditioners after work-outs
Leave-ins and Airdry

Daily- Spray scalp with Aloe Vera Juice Mixed with Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Rosemary Oil
Spray Hair with just Aloe Vera Juice mixed with Rose Water and Distilled Water(which is Kept in the Fridge)  OR
Moisturize hair with either a Moisturizer (such as BioInfusion Olive Oil or Hollywood Beauty Carrot or Olive Oil)
*Sometimes I will do both depending on the condition of my hair
Seal with Shea Butter mixed with Coconut Oil

Monthly- Dust ends and length of hair  ( I trimmed a half inch of my hair last night..but I will only dust lightly going forward and get a professional trim on my next relaxer)

Protective Styles Daily and on Special Occasions/When I go Out- Braid outs or Bantu-Knots


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