Sunday, December 26

Detangling My Hair

I detangle my hair once a week. Meaning I thouroughly comb my hair to ensure I have no tangles in my roots and ends. The only other time during the week a comb touches my hair is if I co-wash or wash my hair. Usually after I apply my leave-ins, I would lightly comb my hair to distribute the products. Other than that I usually finger comb my hair through-out the week.
Detangling my hair takes about 1 hour's somewhat of a chore..but in order to avoid matting I need to do it.
I do it once a week because less manipulation works better for me

So to detangle, I-

* Separate my hair in 4 sections then part each section into smaller sections

* Spray my roots with moisturizer mixed with water and apply the same to my ends

* Start Combing with a Wide Tooth Comb from the bottom to the top.

* Then spray my roots a little more then take a medium to small tooth comb and only comb my roots down, if it tangles a lot, I use a wide toot comb to clean up the mess

* Then I take my Wide Tooth Comb again and make sure that whole section from root to tip is fully detangled

Note- I usually detangle after washing my hair or the day after. BUT I'm going to try detangling before washing my hair and see how it goes. ( How many times can I say detanlge in one Post...hahahaha)

****Above picture is all hair lost during my last detangling session.Those are mostly shed hair and the typical amount of hair I lose without a week of coming.  UGH!! I hate losing hair!!!!!
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  1. Girl, i'm with you. It's a fact of life, but i hate losing hair too! I don't think I'll ever get used to it. lol!



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