Tuesday, December 28

Hair Update- Stretching my Relaxer Until....

I decided to stretch my relaxer longer then 16 weeks. So far, I am 13 weeks post relaxer and I may go another 13 weeks. Yeah, I think I'm going for another 6 month stretch. To be honest with you all, I have been thinking about going natural for the last few weeks, but I still don't think I'm ready for that. For some reason, I think the only way I will go completely natural ,with no hesitation, is if I suffer a lot of breakage(knock on wood). So for now, I am going to stretch my relaxer out as long as possible and see what the future holds.

                                              This is my new growth at 13 weeks post. (Don't mind the bad part)

And this is how I have been wearing my hair for the last week. A Bantu-Knot Out


  1. but arent you doing more harm then good, because with such new growth you have mulitply textures. I understand getting a perm when your hair is ready, but isn't your hair now ready for one.

  2. @ DC- At this moment, I am not experiencing any breakage where my new-growth and relaxed ends meet and I am also able to manage the two textures, so I do not believe I am causing more harm then good. You are correct my hair is ready to relax because I have plently of new-growth to do so with-out the risk of over-lapping, but I just feel like the less chemical treatments the better for my hair.

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. TAAALLL! ur texture looks similar to mine! Good luck on your stretch!


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