Wednesday, December 29

Going Natural the "IN" Thing?

On some forums or hair sites, I see people asking or saying that so many woman are going natural now and they are doing so because it's the "in thing to do".
I think that statement is so wrong in many different ways. is MY point of view on the whole "Going Natural" thing.

1.) God gave US this hair! We were born with this. It is the hair that was intended for us- Enough Said

2.) For the most part, relaxers were used because many people or their parents couldn't manage their natural hair. Now there are wealth of resources to help teach us and guide us in caring for natural hair.

3.) Many woman I see on YOUTUBE, HAIR BOARDS or BLOGS (Not in real life, because the majority of woman I see out here in real life are still relaxing if they weren't already natural heads all their life) are going natural because:
  a.) They are tired of the Chemical Damage
  b.) They were able to grow healthy relaxed hair and realized they can do the same with their natural hair
  c.) They like the versatility of Natural Hair
  d.) They Started off stretching their relaxers and realized they were able to manage their natural hair texture as well as their relaxed and saw no point in continuing to relax

4.) More people are now seeing the beauty in natural hair. I'm not saying it wasn't seen in the past, but I feel like people were trying to conform with the "European" standards of the straight, silky hair. Now more and more woman are seeing how beautiful curls or "kinky" hair are.

Saying  "going natural is the in thing to do" is like saying "Not wearing make-up is the in thing to do"

Side note: I was given a relaxer at a very young age, I was either 10 or 11. Before then, I had beautiful, thick, long natural hair. I wish I was never introduced to a relaxer, I mean NEVER. I was the little girl that always cried when I got my hair combed. So I was given a relaxer to help "manage" my hair, but all it did was BREAK my hair off time and time again until I discovered all of the hair care resources online. I went natural a few times in my life, by way of braids/weave, but only for my damaged relaxed ends to break off and to grow enough hair to relax again and start all over again.
The ONLY thing holding me back from going natural is the whole "Starting Over" thing. It will take me at least 3 years to get to the length I am at now and I'm an impatient person.


  1. It won't take you 3 years, it had taken me a little less than 2 years to get to APL.

  2. Really? I'm still indecisive about transitioning, but just hearing that gives me more of a reason to want 2 go natural.

  3. I wore a lot of braidouts and twists outs for a little less than a year and then I cut the relaxer off.
    You can always flatiron when you're natural or get a blowout when you want the straight look.

  4. That's true. Being Natural is the best of both world. Braid-outs & twist-outs ARE a great option to help blend the two textures without much manipulation. Thanks for the info!!!


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