Friday, January 14

3 Tips on Removing Braids

I'm pretty sure most of you know how to remove braids(if you wear them in your hair), but I wanted to offer a few tips. I took my braids out because I'm going out Sat. night and I was not trying to party with those braids in my hair! I took them out last night because tonight I will do my whole wash routine. are 3 tips

1.) Saturate each braid with Moisturizer-I used braid spray but  a lot of people use conditioner or moisturizer. The key is to make sure your braids are thoroughly moisturized before removing. This will ensure an easy removal with minimal to no breakage.

2.) Take your Time- Start from the bottom working your way up, making sure to remove any shed hair in the process. If you have braids with extensions and cut the ends, make sure to leave plenty of space so you're not cutting off your real hair.

3.) Detangle Before Washing- You need to make sure every bit of shed hair and tangles are removed before letting any water touch your hair. If not, you will end up with a matted mess and may have to cut some hair out.  I usually finger detangle each braided section when unbraiding. Then use a detangler spray and wide tooth comb to detangle all of my hair small section by section after removing all braids.

Before Detangling

 After Detangling (With Mane and Tail Detangler Spray)

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