Sunday, January 16

Baggy Method with a Twist

For those who are not familiar with the baggy method;
It is where you lightly moisturize and seal your hair then you could cover your ponytail/bun with a sandwich bag or a shower cap OR cover your whole head with a shower cap. Then cover your hair as usual with a satin or silk scarf.
This method is usually done at night and the purpose is to retain as much moisture in your hair as possible.

I sometimes do the baggy method only on my bun to keep my ends moisturized, but I don't do it often.
I tried the whole head baggy method(where I cover all of my hair with a shower cap), but ended up with soggy hair in the morning.

In an effort to keep my pillowcases clean and oil free...I started placing a plastic shower cap over my scarf at night. The next morning my scarf would be mildly damp, but my hair would be extremely moisturized.
I would basically kill 2 birds with one stone.

* I do this only when wearing protective styles or when my hair isn't straightened.
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