Tuesday, January 18

December Goal

First, let me say R.I.P to Aaliyah. She was a beautiful woman inside and out.
So, I need to have a goal in sight and this photo exemplifies where I would like to be with my hair and my Abs(hopefully I can make it in May) for December 2011. Wish me Luck :-)

* I chose this hair photo as a goal because I believe it's attainable and realistic.


  1. Awwww.. I miss Aaliyah. Her hair was always so nice too, good goal!

  2. did you reach ur goal ?? how long is ur hair now ? upload a picture please

    1. http://www.6footlonghair.com/2011/12/final-length-check.html

      This was my final length check in December 2011. Also check out my About Me section.


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