Saturday, February 12

ConairPro Soft Bonnet Attachment

I purchased this ConairPro Soft Bonnet Attachment so I can deep condition with heat now.
This is one thing I never did through-out my hair journey. I would normally just deep condition on either wet or dry hair, put a plastic cap or one of those self/body heating(they are the gold or silver plastic caps) caps on for like 2-3 hours and call it a day.
I'm still not sure if it's more effective to use heat or not because after researching, views seem to be varied. But it's worth a try.

My Review:

This thing gets pretty darn hot. I turned the blow-dryer on the lowest heat setting and it still got really hot. I only keep it on for about 10 minutes and I believe that's effective enough for my deep conditioning treatment.
The bonnet is pretty large, I think I could actually use this to dry a roller set or a flexi-rod set. I may give that a try.
One thing that I like about this, is that I can sit on my couch, watch tv, and do whatever while deep conditioning my hair.
This also fits almost all blow-dryers.

How I use this :

After prepooing then washing my hair, I apply a moisturizing deep conditioner(mixed with oils) then put on a plastic cap.
Then I attach my blow-dryer to the end of the attachment, put the bonnet on my head, then turn the blow-dryer on low heat.
I keep the bonnet on for 10 minutes then depending on my schedule....I would either wash out the deep conditioner or just keep the plastic cap on and wash out whenever I feel like it.


$8.99 at Sally Beauty Supply
*  I had a $10 off $20 purchase so, that's why I purchased this.

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