Friday, February 11

Look What Came in the Mail- My Split-Ender :-)

So, my birthday was on Tuesday (Feb 8th) and as a gift to myself, I decided to buy the Split-Ender. I also bought a Caruso Steam Roller Set, but that's another post.
Before purchasing this, I read so many reviews and watched basically all of the You-Tube videos on this and finally decided that it would be a good investment.

For those who are unfamiliar with this product:

It's a "machine" that basically trims off 1/8- 1/4 of an inch off your hair. As you all know, our hair varies in lengths and at times we are unable to trim the shorter pieces of our hair. This will help that issue and will also trim split ends in the process. It may not trim all split ends, but using this will act more as a preventative measure and keep the ends of your hair neat.

I paid $60 for the Maxi-Kit(Split-Ender, Comb, Clip and Silk Capsules) and got it from a reputable(I believe he works for the company) seller on Ebay named Victort619. It was shipped from California and it arrived 5 days after I placed the order. I live in New England by the way.

I will be using this every 8 weeks and every relaxer(every 4 months) I will use this, then shape up my hair with regular shears. Because I just trimmed my hair 3 weeks ago, I am going to hold off on using this until maybe 3 more weeks, then I will proceed with my every 8 week schedule.
I finally have a camera, so I will record my review :-) So far, the only downfall on this is that my hair has to be straight when using this and I never wear my hair straight! But oh well.

I did a post on this before, check it out.:

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