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Brazilian Keratin Treatment- The Good & Bad

A reader asked about my view on the BKT and because I honestly never thought about getting this treatment, I had no view on it. So with extensive research, I was able to come up with a post on the BKT.
Hope this helps at least one person!

What is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?- The BKT is a treatment that temporarily loosens one curls. It is a two step process which entails the actual liquid Keratin treatement and a preservative solution then blowdrying and/or flat-ironing your hair at high heat levels (usually 450 degrees) to set the treatment in.

The Good

*If you are looking for frizz free, straighter hair, then this would work for you. The Keratin will also strengthen your hair because as you know; Keratin is Protein and our hair is made of protein.

*Said to work best on already chemically treated hair(color treated, relaxed..etc)- This is because the Keratin

* Some relaxed heads who have gotten these treatments reported that it loosened their hair texture at the line of demarcation(where the new-growth and relaxed ends meet)

The Bad

*Many of these treatments contained high levels of formaldehyd which has been known to cause ventalation and health issues- Now we all know actual Keratin treatments or protein Treatments can't straighten our hair, they actually strenghten our another ingredient would have to be added to get the straight effect.

*The first application requires high heats which is either just blow-drying or blow-drying and flat ironing up to 450 degrees to seal in the Keratin

* It's expensive (generally $300+ if done at a reputable salon)

* Requires some research before taking the plunge

* It is not permanent so touch-ups are necessary- More so if using a brand not containing formaldehyde

* It will wash out if washing hair with shampoo containing sodium chloride

* If you are natural it can definetly alter your curl pattern

Because there are sooo many different brands of the BKT, I can't offer any suggestions. Just do your research and due dillegence when choosing to have this treatment done and picking the right salon!

Sources and a few links to Check out

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