Sunday, April 3

Twist-Out #FAIL

Yesterday was wash day and while detangling I always put each section in two strand twists to keep the hair out of my way and prevent further tangling issues.

My Hair was about 80% dry and I just sprayed new growth with my spritz and added a little EVOO to my relaxed ends. Then I detangled working my way from the bottom to the top.
 I added too much it looks an oily mess..but if I were actually planning on doing a twist out...I wouldn't add that much oil

This is how the twists usually look- I had to block my face because I looked a hooottt mess mainly because I am growing out my eyebrows.

I wasn't planning on wearing my hair out at all because I already decided to bun all week...but this is how my hair looks when removing the twists. I added a flower in there because my edges weren't slicked back and look extra frizzy.

* more blogging until I return. Works going to be crazy busy and I want to enjoy each state and city I visit!!


  1. have a safe trip....
    I will try and get a fotiki acct. so I can post hair pics..I LOVE the curlformer results it was well worth the $$$ I used a little setting lotion both times and the curls just don't last 2days max...the 3rd night I put about 6 curlformers in the spots that needed it....
    This week its bak to braidouts...have you tried the satin scarf braid out yet??

    dee in san diego

  2. Thanks, Dee!

    You really should get an account.

    I think the curlformers will be my next purchase...but I'm afraid I'll only use them once in a great big while like my Caruso Set.
    I saw a video where a natural used aloe vera gel for the curlformers to last. I believe her youtube name is Fiesty House or something. That might work for you.

    I haven't tried the satin scarf braid-out...but I think I will do it next wknd. I have plenty of scarfs to do so. If I do it, I'll def post pics.

    Have a great week!


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