Sunday, March 27

Just Another Braid-out

Now ya'll know braid-outs are my style of choice. I haven't done one in a while, but decided to do one tonight.

I did this on freshly washed detangled hair.

  • Did 12 braids in total
  • 6 on each side
  • Added EVOO to each section then braided
  • added a satin roller to ends of each braid
  • Let dry for 3 hours
  • then before taking out added a little more EVOO to each braid
  •  I separated each section but not too much because I don't like my hair too big..but it gets a little biggger through-out the night

I am 9 weeks post relaxer


  1. Thanks for this post, Ms. D! My braidouts always look horrible because I've never really been sure how to do them. I'm gonna try ur way tonight!

  2. No Problem! I'm sure your braid-out will look fab!
    ~Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. You are 6ft tall miss, as Wendy Williams says, tall girls need big hair!! So wear it big and stand out!

  4. haha..true..but with my height,I stand out even with a slicked back bun.

  5. cute...I love my braidouts....I wore my hair straight the past 3 weeks NOT LUVIN IT...finally got my curlformers...LOVED IT....but the curls only lasted one day...back to braid outs....

    wish I could post a pic

    dee in san diego

  6. Thanks!
    I bet your braid-outs look great too!
    I want to purchase some curlformers. I'm surprised yours only lasted a day. Maybe try using some setting lotion when doing them? Or Pineappling your hair before going to bed? (this is basically wrapping your hair up similar to how E.Badu does)

    You should get a Fotki Account and document your pics on there. I love looking at hair pics. Feel free to send a link whenever you like!
    ~ As always, thanks for stopping by :-D


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