Monday, March 14

My Nape

I am 7 weeks post relaxer and for some reason I have a lot of new-growth in my nape, more specifically the left side. It also seems to be a little on the dry side. So, in an attempt to "save" my nape, I sectioned off the last half inch of my hair, and put it in 5 single braids. Because my hair is usually clipped up or in a bun, it will not be noticeable. By putting the braids in my hair, I should not get breakage because of the different textures/manipulation and I can easily moisturize my hair.
You can not tell in this pic, but this last row is a lot shorter then other areas in the back of my hair, so hopefully these braids will help me retain more length.

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  1. I'm actually going to do the same because I have been having breakage in my nape.


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