Sunday, March 13

Solange Knowles- All Picked Out

On, they had a weekend twit pic round-up. One of the pics were of Solange Knowles and her hair...this is what she said:

"Goodnight world.... Its them juices, berries and poetic justice braids that grew my sh*t out."

For some reason, I couldn't get the site to load and save the pic, but I went on her twitter page and saw this beautiful pic as her back-ground. I think it's been a year since her big-chop and her hair has really grown out!!! I Love love love the fro!

See .....protective styles are really a good way to go!!! It helps you forget about your hair and you get a big surprise once you see the length


  1. I am proud of her. They hair looks good. Has it convinced me to chop? Dont Know, but I am no longer on the creamy crack!!!

  2. That's great that you're transitioning. If you aren't ready to big chop yet..I suggest riding the transition wheels until they fall off!

    ~ Thanks for stopping by :-)


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