Friday, November 30

Nape Breakage

I recently had a question regarding nape breakage and referred to this post. I decided to reblog this in hopes of helping others as well.
I experienced nape breakage in one section of my nape, due to underprocessed relaxers. So to help stop the breakage, I kept my nape braided while the rest of my hair was loose. That way, my nape was protected and stayed moisturized at all times.

How I protect my nape 

Nape breakage is an issue that plagues many people.
I can really only offer one tip on preventing and/or fixing nape breakage or breakage in general.
Find the root (no pun intended) of your problem!

Are your ponytails too tight? -If so, loosen them up or do not include the nape area in your ponytail; instead twist and pin that section up

Do you wrap your hair nightly? - If you do the typical doobie wrap, when you comb your hair in circular motion, this can sometimes cause damage because of two reasons: 

(1) Daily Manipulation and (2) the nape area may not be properly moisturized .

Try alternative methods for wrapping your hair. You could do the cross wrap, pin curls, finger comb hair back then tie a scarf over your head while your hair hangs loose and the scarf is still covering hair(you need a larger silk scarf for this)...there are many other options
And also make sure your nape are is extremely moisturized before wrapping 

Does your nape grow faster and thicker then the rest of your hair?- Keep napes new growth well moisturized. Pay special attention to that area. Whenever you apply any product, do that area first. Never comb that area dry always always have conditioner or moisturizer in your hair.

Are you relaxing the back of your hair first?- I noticed at the salon, whenever I got my hair relaxed, they would start in the same area each time, which was the back. That would mean the back of my hair would be more processed then the rest. That's not good. Rotate areas where you relax your hair first. Don't always start with the back left..maybe next time you relax..go with the front..BUT ALWAYS relax edges and last 1/2 inch of your hair last (these are usually the most fragile area of our heads

*Other cause of damage
*nape constantly rubbing against clothing - you can put one cornrow going horizontally when wearing hair down or 5 single braids
*Heat Damage- Lay low on heat and if using heat do a protein treatment before so and use heat protection
*Friction from rollers when doing rollersets- don't roller set too tightly
*If you relax, be sure to neutralize properly

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  1. I have really ugly nape breakage right now! So this was right on time for me. I believe my breakage is from the combs that are in the half wigs I have been wearing as a protective style for my transitioning hair. I do need to moisturize better but the combs will still be there so I don't know how to get around that.

  2. Do you braid your hair under the half wigs? If not, you should. Also, if possible maybe you can remove the combs and bobby pin the wig. I haven't worn half wigs before but I will research more ways to prevent damage and do a post on it.

  3. Hi Twana, I wear wigs at times to, I got the same problem when I started wearing them so now I remove the combs at the back. I never had any need for them anyway because the straps would work just fine. If your concerned you can always use a bobby pin. :))

  4. I notice alot of transitioners with crown breakage. I don't think I have any seen any of the vloggers or bloggers address it. Through some trial on error, I think I may be getting the side of my crown under control, but the center seems to be disappearing with every wash. Every one says use castor oil, but we don't get along. I'm currently mixing it with something, so the jury is still out.

    1. I suffered crown breakage when relaxed and I believe I did a post on that too.
      My crown texture is more coarse and required extra moisture. Was that the case for you?

    2. I started getting crown breakage the last couple years I was relaxed, my stylist moved and I started going to Dominican salons where I had some not so good experience. My crown has always been wavy and a little bit coarse, gets frizzy easily....atleast it use to pre relax days


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