Friday, November 30

My Hair Journey Truths

  • The only hair biotin made grow faster was my facial hair
  • Growth aides did JACK for me! They never gave me any accelerated hair growth, but for the most part..the ones I have tried kept my new-growth soft. 
  • I've hopped on just about every band wagon at the start of my journey except for applying vaginal cream to my scalp and the "greenhouse" effect(well I have placed a shower cap on my head, but never used that term).
  • I've realized that truly keeping it simple is the way to go, but trial and error helped me get to that point
  • I think I'm going to BC soon!
  • Sike!
  • I'm very heavy handed with oils and pillows are NOT thanking me for that, but Tide is! 
  • I have always loved curly/textured hair styles, so I guess wearing my natural hair works in my favor. 
  • Although I don't do official length checks anymore, I do pull down pieces of my hair sometimes to see how long they are, but I mainly focus on my natural hair now. 
  • I can't WAIT until I'm fully natural!!!!!!!!!! But y'all already know that. 

What are yours?


  1. To funny...your facial hair really

  2. lol, you really had me going until i saw 'sike' when I read that may big chop soon! also, thank you for keeping it real, i always wondered if the hair supplements had an effect on other body hair too... which is something that i just don't need anymore of lol.

    1. Lol!!

      Yw! Side effects do vary, but this is something I heard happen to many people and I still chanced it. I came to the conclusion that it's not worth it

  3. Was never a believer in growth aids.

    This transitioning thing didn't seem to be doable to me until i started to keeping it simple. Realize i didn't have to do what every vlogger or blogger was doing.

    I don't do length checks at all anymore, I notice the length when i'm doing twist....i guess thats a length check.

    Hit the one year mark today....yay me

    1. We are >>><<< with the transitioning thing! I feel the same way as you on most of your "truths"
      Congrats on hitting the 1 year mark!!!

  4. haha the vaginal cream/fungual cream thing is so odd .. i'd never dare to put that in my scalp loool! .. xx

  5. Biotin is awful with the facial hair, isn't it! Good grief :/

    1. LOL it sure is! I'm so over that vitamin.


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