Monday, April 11

Quick Tip- Seamless Combs

Do you suffer from Mid- Shaft Splits although you are doing "eveything" right to your hair?
Do you have weak hair strands?
If so, one thing you should evaluate is the comb you are using.
Now, we all know, when initially detangling or combing our hair in general, a wide tooth comb is preferred.
But sometimes you have to take an extra step and choose the "right" wide tooth comb.
Seams in combs can cause damage to your strands, so the best option is to use Seamless Combs!
They are typically more expensive then your normal comb, but worth it in the long run.

Now, instead of running out and purchasing a seamless comb, you could:
Soak your comb in water for a week or so
Then file the seams off

I was introduced to one the Seamless Hercules Sagemann combs by and I could feel a change in my hair especially since I previously used combs with seams.


  1. Yesterday I received 2 seamless combs I purchased from eBay, and they really do make a difference. Mid-shaft breakage has become the bane of my existance and I only recently realized it was mostly due to my comb. Wish I would have figured it out sooner, but better late than never.

  2. @ Mrs T- I wish I used them earlier in my hair journey as well. (I did read up on them on the forums, but didn't find them necessary though).
    You are sooo right, better late then never! Now you can grow to even greater lengths with-out the fear of mid-shaft breakage.

  3. Yeah they are great I made the switch to seamless combs over a month ago. Every little strand counts!


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