Friday, April 8

Jill Scott

Doesn't she look beautiful?!?!
Not sure if this is a sew-in or a wig...but I LOVE it!

Now, if I could get my braid-outs to be this big and nice, I would have no problem with big hair on me.


  1. BEAUTIFUL....
    I want hot rollers sooo bad but I just spent$$ on the curlformers...
    I promised I would cut back on HAIR PRODUCTS....I had a MAJOR setback because I was in LA last weekend and the beauty supply stores there are much cheaper than san diego...sooooo well you know how that
    I will do the curlformers again and again because I LOVE the results....

    have a great weekend

    dee in san diego

  2. Her and this hair is beautiful!!! I'm gonna have to get a sew-in like this because idk how I would get my real hair to look like this lol

  3. @ Jeni- meee too :-)

    @ Dee- haha.. when you are trying to cut back on hair products..the beauty supply store should be the LAST place you step foot in.
    You're really making me want to get some curlformers. Maybe I'll treat myself to that when I reach my next hair goal.

    @ Miss Dre- lol..I know! I was wondering how to get my real hair to look like this too. Maybe Flexi-Rod set (done like ringlets) picked out?


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