Monday, April 18

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's never long enough for me..but oooh well!

So, I did detangle my hair and this is the amount of hair I lost through finger-detangling and detangling with a comb. This is a combination of shed hair and minor breakage.  It seems like a lot, but that's 2 weeks worth of hair, so I am not too alarmed.

I ended up wearing my hair like this on Saturday and Sunday. (sorry camera phone pic because I didn't feel like getting the digital camera)
I am 12 weeks post relaxer and itching to relax, but even if I wanted to, time wont permit.
Whenever I reach 12 weeks post, I contemplate transitioning to natural, but will I? No. Haha. I decided I will go back to natural under 2 circumstances.
1.) If my hair gets seriously damaged
2.) If I so happen to stretch longer then 9 months.

I started back on my MSM. I will be taking 1,000 MG/Day which is 1/4 tbspn. It's great for hair, but my main reason for taking it is because my skin is at it's best when I do. I have a healthy glow and my dark spots fade so much quicker. I haven't taken MSM in about 6 months, so I think it's about time I start again. The best brand in my opinion is Trimedica Opti Pure MSM, so thats what I'm taking.

Another Confession, I haven't gone to the gym in about 2 weeks. I do crunches at home, but that's not enough for me. My excuse for not going was because I "needed" new sneakers. I went to the mall on Saturday looking for some Reebok Easy Tones, (funny because I never wear Reebok) but they didn't have my size in the color I wanted. So, I opted for a pair of Air Max's. Got home and hated the way they looked. So, today, I will return the Air Max's and hope to find some sneakers to my likings.

 This nail polish was a b*tch to get off. I used like 2 tablespoons of Nail Polish remover and still couldn't get it off last night. And to top it off, I ran out of the remover. So I woke up at 5:30AM this morning, got ready as usual and went to Walgreens to buy some Acetone. It's not too good for nail health, but I was determined. I ended up removing the nail polish and doing my nails, but I am tired as who knows what.


  1. OMG I have to e-mail you about my aphogee 2 step treatment...It is very long I dont wanna take up 2 much of your comment section....LOL

    IT WAS A STICKY MESS!!!! Afterward I still had just as much hair in the comb.I use a seamless comb and I TAKE MY TIME WITH THE DETANGLE

    My hair is shedding like crazy...I will see how much breakage after my wash Thursday....

    my hair is getting longer but THINNER...i'm ready to start over....chin length bob....

    dee in san diego

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience! I haven't used the 2-step, so I cant offer much advice until researching.

    It may not be as bad as it seems like. As you said, wait to see how your hair reacts on your next wash.

    I started off with a chin bob a little less then 2 years ago. If you decide to go that route, your hair will grow back quicker then you know it.


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