Monday, May 9

Quick Hair Update

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend and a Blessed Mother's Day (although that should be celebrated EVERY DAY).

So, I relaxed on Friday night. My Mom did the back while I did the front. So, when I did the front right section, she did the back left section. My mother was a little afraid of ruining my the back is a little underprocessed. No biggie though(even though I was a bit angry at the moment).

More on the Relaxer and Flat Ironing Process coming soon.
I did flat-iron on 310 degrees in the back and 285 on the remainder of my hair.
I wanted to do a black rinse, but didn't in fear of ruining my parents shower and sink.

Sorry to rush this post!
Here are some pics. The flash was on, so it made my hair look really brown.

I dusted a little after these pics. But I plan to cut off a half inch or more in 3-4 weeks.
My hair is unintentionally layered, if anyone recalls from a past post, I had breakage in my crown(it was like 1 inch long) which is now past neck length.It's making a lot of progress, but my hair isn't as full as it should be!!! Argghhh!


  1. Wow hun, looking're claiming APL right??

  2. Thanks, Tola!
    I think I can claim it now. Maybe when I go a little more pass it(hopefully in July) I will claim it.


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