Saturday, June 9

Current Hair "Tools"

Applicator Tip/Bottle- I place any oil I currently use to seal, oil my scalp, or for hot oil treatments(which I rarely do) in this kind of bottle. It makes the oil so much easier to apply and I am able to control how much I use. I also use an applicator tip bottle to apply diluted shampoo to my hair.

Double Sided Boar Bristle Brush-  The only time I use a brush is when I bun my hair. I usually lightly spritz my edges, apply a holding product, spritz the SOFT side of the brush with water, then lightly brush them. The last few times I tried that method, my edges didn't lay down as well as the past, so I will be using the harder side  going forward.

Medicine Eye Dropper-  I use this to accuratley measure the amount of essential oils or other products (such as silk amino acids) I add to Shea Butter mix, oil mixes or deep conditioner.

Hair Clips- I use these to section off my hair when I do twists and Henna treatments. Without these...I would be lost!

Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Jumbo Rake Comb- I already did a few posts on this, but I absolutely ADORE this comb. I wish I would have purchased it a long time ago! I also use the HS1975 Styling Seamless Comb, but not as often as the Jumbo rake!

Spray Bottle(s)-  Last but definitely not least is spray bottles. I use one every single day! They usually contain my Aloe Vera Spritz or just plain ol' water.


  1. Thanks for the tip of the medicine I drop that is a perfect way to measure oil for mixes!

    1. No problem!! Thanks for stopping by!


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