Saturday, June 9

Reviving An Old Phony Pony

Back in the beginning of my journey(in 2009), I purchased a Phony Draw String Pony to wear as a protective style. At first I only purchased it for a night out, but it grew on me(no pun intended) and I would wear it from time to time.

Well, that was 3 years you could just imagine how it looks now..right? It was a tangly, matted, dry mess. 

So, to bring it back to life....I co-washed it!
I first applied conditioner to the pony while it was dry. Then while rinsing the conditioner out with warm water I detangled from the bottom up with my wide-tooth comb.
I squeezed out the excess water then placed it on the door knob in my bathroom to air dry. 

Mission accomplished!

I plan to rock this pony from time to time during this transition, but mostly in a faux bun style. I will def post pics when I actually wear it. 


  1. Like this phony pony. I am normally not a fan of phony ponytails. I like the way you used a textured ponytail and the headband. Looks very classy.

    1. Thank you!! I'm not usually a fan of phony ponytails either, but when I saw this one, I liked it and I think it was on sale too. lol

  2. Girl I don't care HOW I store my fake hair, all of it ends up looking crazy when I pull it out! lol

    1. and me both! Hopefully I rock this before it gets jacked up again.

  3. Great job bringing it back to life! Can't wait to see how you rock it as a transitioning style!


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